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Research by Redfin: How image quality affects home sales

Recent research done by a company named Redfin, overwhelmingly confirmed that the quality of listing photos greatly impact several aspects of the home selling process.

Redfin is a very successful, progressive Washington based real estate company with a nationwide network of agents.  With home sales of 10,000 per year and over $25 Billion worth of sales in just 10 years, they really know how to market real estate.  A while back, they published a report on a research project they had done.  They studied all home sales over a certain period of time and divided them into 2 groups – group A: listing photos were taken with a cellphone or point and shoot camera (amateur); group B: listing photos taken with a DSLR camera and accessories (professional).  Looking a several factors like total number of visits (traffic), how fast the home sold (days on market) and sales price above or below asking price, they compared group A homes with group B homes.  Listings with professionally created images came out on top (by large margins) in all 3 categories.  The results were so conclusive that ALL Redfin listings are now photographed by professionals.


Disclaimer:  I am not employed by or receive any financial compensation from Redfin.

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